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Italian design can have a quite sporty appearance

Extreme challenges require an extreme watch brand. Sector No Limits was born in 1973 to show through its philosophy what this brand stands for: SECTOR NO LIMITS – INDESTRUCTIBLE – ITALIAN DESIGN.

NIMEX AG is very glad to be part of Sector No Limits.

The 1980s and the 1990s were hallmarked by the performance of outstanding athletes together with Sector No Limits’ sporty high-tech watches, which combine impressive, unforgettable records with technology and Italian design. These brilliant achievements also make Sector No Limits shine: Sector No Limits expresses a fusion of technical product qualities (steel watches) and the performance of bold athletes who set and beat records.

Even today Sector No Limits chooses outstanding athletes as its partners whose willpower and self-discipline help to win. Therefore, Sector No Limits is not only a brand that is close to these sportspeople, but a lifestyle of people who are willing to test their limits and love nature.

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