Watches and Chronographs


Watches with tradition without lagging behind the times

Continental watches aren’t only just chronometers. Since 1924 they have been standing for Swiss quality and horological tradition, turning your wrist into an absolute eyecatcher.

NIMEX AG is very glad to be part of Continental.

And this far beyond the national borders. In more than 20 countries Continental is attached to people and people are attached to Continental. And counting, of course.

Since Continental became a member company of the Rivoli Group, Dubai, brand watches have also become a familiar concept in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Greece and Egypt. In addition, Morocco, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland are also into Continental watches. They see that Continental is about to conquer the whole world for itself, and NIMEX AG loves to be in on it.

Swiss made watches since 1924 – Jump on Continental’s bandwagon and watch closely how a tradition-steeped chronometer is keeping up with the times and writing contemporary history.

And what? Do you fancy more of Continental? Feel free to browse our online catalogue or visit the official website.

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