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BRAUN watches

A ‘typical German design’ is being developed in cooperation with the Ulm School of Design

Braun has a firm foothold in both industry and design history. Close cooperation with the Ulm School of Design and the developed Bauhaus design principles, including the Form Follows Function, have set the course for one of the most exciting design processes in Germany. Braun designers, with Dieter ‘Less But Better’ Rams  leading the way, have had a determining influence on what is called ‘typical German design’.

NIMEX AG is very glad to be part of Braun.

Braun is a German premium brand, where some think about design whereas others deal with innovations and German technology. For many people, Braun simply stands for reliability, durability and sustainability.

Braun is more than that, however. Exactly in its choice of watches and alarm clocks, Braun wants to go beyond design. This does not mean that design does not matter any more: today it‘s more important than ever.

To go beyond design means to look at design from the viewpoint of people’s experiences, to provide watches with details that make a difference in people’s lives, to enable people to make experiences that are called ‘Braun’s time’. Exactly ‘Designed to make a difference’.

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