Toys and playware


Also toys largely depend on attractive design, first-class licences, and come from Spain.

Firmly rooted in Terrassa, Barcelona, IMC Toys is growing throughout the entire world, pampering the little ones with an enchanted dream world of colourful toys. IMC Toys has a long and worldwide-recognised tradition of toys, using continuous innovations to keep them lively and up-to-date.

NIMEX AG is very glad to be part of IMC Toys.

IMC Toys captivate through their innovativeness and attractive design, carrying names such as Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Barbie, etc. Such successful brands make it possible for IMC Toys to cooperate with the most attractive and best partners worldwide.

Latest technologies combined with daily research into safety, functionality and ergonomics enable to manufacture more and more wonderful toys that make children’s eyes sparkle, are found by children exciting and make them happy. Anyway, this is IMC Toys’ most important task, which is always performed consistently, honestly and reliably.

And what? Do you fancy more of IMC Toys? Feel free to browse our online catalogue or visit the official website.

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