What should a dealer with excellent credentials and such a long history by no means lack? Certainly, also excellent NIMEX support services!

Since 1953 NIMEX’s designated staff members have been striving to provide you with excellent support services. You can benefit from them on a daily basis, as fast and careful service processing is ensured every day, with fairness and gestures of goodwill being no empty words, but experienced reality.

You can take us at our word because both today and in the future the word of NIMEX AG matters what it already mattered more than 60 years ago. You can rely on us and you won’t be left alone.

Your NIMEX support services include:

- product sourcing
- development of collections
- distribution and marketing
- post-sales support for watches and toys
- spare parts service
- packaging / order picking / dispatch
- stock keeping (
- POS assistance
- rack jobbing
- Ask us what else we can do for you