Aren’t you a king yet? Or are you, for instance, already a NIMEX customer?

Well, should the latter be the case, then congratulations! You wield a sceptre of unmatched innovativeness at NIMEX AG side. You know us. But please feel free to read on, as it’s very likely that the following words will inspire you to new actions. It was just the same with us.

And to those who haven’t been crowned yet: first chin up, you’ll surely make it! To be exact, it’s seldom too early – and never too late – to plunge into the unparalleled world of NIMEX.

Because ever since 1953 NIMEX AG, operating from Switzerland, has been making the entire world (will wonders never cease!) the playground of the most innovative trade. Since then NIMEX AG has been a quality and customer service oriented partner to fulfil your desire for fair trade through Swissness experience. Become a king for NIMEX. You deserve it. Period.

Where you can find our products

We don’t offer direct sales, but supply only to business customers (B2B).
Here are some of our customers:

Coop Gruppe, Brack, Ottos.chFranz Carl WeberGalaxus.chGeschenkidee.ch, Manor Gruppe, Migros Gruppe, and many other wholesalers and jewellers in Switzerland.