Do you like travelling? Then take a walk with us through history to find out how we have built NIMEX’s longstanding competence!

– In September 1953 NIMEX AG, an import and export company specialised  in the distribution of all kinds of consumer goods, comes into the world.


1958 – In 1958 Mr Reinhard von der Crone, the future owner and senior partner, joins NIMEX AG. NIMEX AG becomes the liaison office of JC Penny Co, USA, for purchases of the latter in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


1960 – In 1960 the Zurich office expands its activities in connection with exports to the USA. Exports include embroidery, notions and many more. At the same time sports articles are imported from Eastern countries and cooperation is set up with Kaufring, a German partner.


1972 – In 1972 NIMEX AG starts trading in watches. From then on Roskopf and pin pallet lever watches of JC Penney, a US company with 1700 subsidiaries, have been imported through NIMEX AG. At the same time a US service point is set up. NIMEX manufactures and sells pocket watches with anchor escapements, and becomes the exclusive dealer of Continental anchor watches in Switzerland and Germany.


1981/1982 – In 1981/1982 EVACO SA, based in Neuchâtel, and EST Economic Swiss Time (formerly SSIH Omega-Tissot), based in Mumpf, canton of Aargau, are acquired.

EVACO SA becomes specialised in grand series of pocket watches, which are exported to JC Penny and K-Mart in the USA and to Tschibo and Eduscho in Germany.

Economic Swiss Time manufactures Swiss made watches under the brand of Continental – Swiss Made Watches since 1924, among others for Swiss customers and German stores, such as Kaufhof, Metro and the Otto mail-order service. But supplies are also made to countries, such as Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and the Middle East (Rivoli Group) and Hong Kong.


1989 – In 1989 EVCO and EST merge to form EVACO SA, based in Möhlin. The new company is taken over by the Rivoli Group, based in Dubai, whereas NIMEX AG continues to distribute, as the exclusive reseller, all Swiss made brands (including but not limited to Continental and EverSwiss) and maintains after-sales support for various customers and countries.

To date NIMEX AG has been the exclusive manufacturer and reseller of various brands (including but not limited to Continental, EverSwiss, Sector – No Limits, Braun, Pepe Jeans – London, etc.) in the Swiss and the surrounding EU markets. What is more, its customer segments range from specialised watch and jewellery outlets to duty-free and online shops to mail-order services.


2003 – In 2003 the helm is taken by the second generation, Hans Christian von der Crone, who, as the owner and Managing Director, has successfully been heading NIMEX AG to date.

As a typical small to medium-sized enterprise, NIMEX AG employs eight staff members. The company is based in Adliswil (Sihltal) near Zurich, where its office rooms, an internal stockroom, a wonderful showroom and the distribution department are located. There are also an external warehouse, internal and external service points as well as a competent sales department and a customer-friendly retail outlet there.

The focus is shifted to the production and distribution of its own Swiss made brands, with post-sales support services, collection development, quality control,  field sales department management, etc. provided in close cooperation with customers.


2014 – In 2014 NIMEX AG, as a reliable trade partner with unique innovations, great sports sponsorships and more than 60 years of experience, looks forward with interest to every exciting project and develops a wonderful and high-tech online platform for customers and those who would like to become one.